Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Without Saying Good-Bye

It was a nice warm spring day today.
Mike and I went to take a walk in the park in the evening.
The cherry blossoms were all gone, 

As if they never even existed to begin with.

We went to look for "our" cat, Non-chan,
Who's missing for days now.
No luck.
Neither of us wanted to articulate 

What that's supposed to mean.
Sometimes it's better
To leave things vague and unfinished.

I thought about my uncle again.
He's gone and nothing is left, 

Like those cherry trees in the park.
But he lived in this world.
He certainly did.

It was a long cold winter. 

When the spring finally came to Tokyo,
Without seeing cherry blossoms,
Non-chan and my uncle decided to go, 

Without saying good-bye.