Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hokkori, Autumn Appetite, and Poetry

Two days ago, I finally turned over a calendar. I knew it was November already but was just not ready for the calendar-official November. Time can be so brutal and heartless sometimes. But as soon as I did that, I thanked god that I moved my butt and had turned over a calendar. November 7th is marked. It's dad's birthday, and I almost missed it otherwise! Thankfully, I didn't, and I managed to get a present today and arranged the delivery for tomorrow morning, thanks to this reliable and speedy Kuroneko Yamato delivery service. On the way back, I found Hokkori in the park and couldn't resist the urge to hold her tight in my arm. I hadn't seen her for a while, and she surely gained weight since the last time I saw her. She must be enjoying so-called "Autumn Appetite." Speaking of that, I can't seem to stop eating! It's past 3am, and I just finished a big bowl of ramen noodle and orange jello...Why am I staying up this late? I was busy uploading an introduction video to my new online course, Poetry in America, offered by Harvard. It looks great, and I think I will be reading a lot of poetry for the coming weeks. Ok, time for bed. I'll have a busy day tomorrow. So...more later...and stay warm, my friends! I can almost hear the footsteps of the winter...

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