Sunday, February 19, 2012

Counting small happinesses :)

A cute stranger in the parking lot smiled and said hi to me :)
Took a nice walk to the library
Completed the paper work for the summer job
Read one article for my thesis
Revised the questionnaire
Started a new survey form
Ran into Rose on campus and promised a coffee or a photo shoot soon
Was able to open the wine bottle *all* by myself!
Cooked risotto with asparagus and mushroom and was an absolute success
Got an email with photos from my best friend back home

So little things, but it's sure nice counting these small happinesses and not forgetting to be grateful.
Ever since my sister-in-law lost her baby, I've been grateful just having this very life, and I want to give this life all I've got to give. All.

We, after all, rich or poor, young or old, have only one life to live.
So let's not do anything but living it, fully.

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