Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eddie is here!!

He arrived, safe and sound.
Ever so lovely.
My days are looking brighter now.
I didn't have a calendar until now, so feels like the year 2013 has begun, finally.
Well, wait a second, it actually arrived Saturday, Chinese (Lunar) New Year's Day.
Like I'd planned it.
Can't be more proper than that.

I'd been buying Audrey Hepburn's calendar every year since 2003 or so.
Chain is broken now, but change is good.
Most of the time.

Happy New Year, everyone.
May your wish come true.

(yup, two calendars. one for me, one for the upcoming birthday gift for my friend who is also a Eddie fanatic. :) shhh! it's secret. she doesn't know it's coming!)

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