Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn already

Here I am at Greayhouse coffee shop, my favorite cafe in the entire world, listening to the spontaneous live piano performance by a undergrad student at Purdue.  My love is sitting across the table, working and sipping a cup of tea.  We went to the German film night earlier and watched "A friend of mine."  We then went to a Lebanese restaurant on campus and had some light supper.  It's Thursday night, and I only have to go to a Spanish class and teach two Japanese classes tomorrow, so I had some free time writing a postcard to my parents.  Thanks to the nobel prize winner, Dr. Negishi, Purdue University has become famous all of a sudden in Japan.  Actually, it was my mom who told me the news on the phone yesterday morning.  She wanted to make sure with me that it was indeed the university I am studying and teaching at, so that she could boast about it to her friends :)  So, I thought mom would be happy to receive the postcard with a picture of Purdue campus on it.

I realize that my previous blog post was back in August!  Jeez!  Time is really flying.  It really has been nonstop; never ending homework, projects, preparations and teachings.  I am surprised that I am still alive and surviving after these continuous sleepless nights for months!  More surprisingly, I have no stress...yeah I am busy, but I am not stressed out at all.  Pimples on my face completely disappeared, and I feel greater than ever.  I can say aloud to anybody that I am happy, really happy about what I am doing right at the moment, which sounds simple, but I honestly could not say that I was happy for many years before.

One big worry, the long distance relationship with my boyfriend in Japan is actually going super well too.  We must be the most frequent Skype users in the world for sure.  We start and end our days with Skype.  Sometimes, we leave Skype on while I start studying and he starts working.  We remain silent and keep doing our own things but have a sense of closeness that we are connected online.  We stay too busy and forget to eat often, so we sometimes decide to go to the kitchen, cook something and come back to the computer in 15mins or so with some food.  Skype is on the entire 15 mins or so we hear each other doing something in the kitchen.  We come back with food and eat together, on Skype.  The funny thing we have both realized is that we talk a lot more now than when we lived together.  One factor is neither he or I am much of a talkative person to begin with, but more importantly, I didn't have much to say in general before when I was not doing anything challenging for my life.  I  was not doing something I had passion for, so I was apathetic about pretty much everything.  Now I feel like I am finally doing something I have wanted to do for a long time, and interesting topics are pouring onto me, every single day!

Now, we are back to my studio apartment, and I can hear my love snoring.  I should dive into the warm bed and snuggle up with him!  He will visit my Japanese class for the first time to meet my students, so it will be fun!  Life is good, and I am happy, so truly happy.  More later...